CTI CRC Phase II-IV experience includes comprehensive human clinical trials for a wide variety of indications and specialties.  Our investigators are board-certified and our research coordinators are capable and seasoned.  Plus, our unique infrastructure is designed to maximize patient enrollment and qualification, produce consistently reliable data, and maximize overall efficiency.  We have diverse inpatient/outpatient study experience and we know that safety, accuracy, and efficiency require a steadfast approach and unyielding commitment.

Efficiencies Between CRC and CRO Operational Services

  • CTI headquarters is located within 5 miles of our CRC allowing for productive face to face team meetings supporting more efficient communication, cost savings in monitoring, and seamless study execution between the site and CRO services.
  • CTI CRC is able to expedite study recruitment by pre-screening potential subjects from our database by querying against the study inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Dedicated Project Management, Recruitment, Regulatory & QA Departments

  • CTI CRC has a sizable pool of personnel including skilled nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and phlebotomists. Our CRC project management team has an average of 10 years of experience, most with nursing backgrounds and relevant certifications such as Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC) and Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP).  
  • Our in-house Recruitment Department is active six days a week to ensure frequent communication with our study participants. CTI CRC utilizes One Call Now, a system that allows us to send emails and text messages to prospective study participants from our database.  This method of communication provides a cost-effective, efficient, and timely means of recruiting research participants.
  • CTI CRC is less than 100 miles from more than a dozen major hospitals and universities resulting in an extensive principal investigator network, potential for patient referrals, and a large database of both healthy volunteers and patient populations.  
  • Our Regulatory Department consists of full-time regulatory professionals with extensive experience working on a variety of clinical trials. CTI CRC utilizes a central IRB, which helps facilitate a rapid study start-up.
  • Our Quality Assurance program has been instrumental in preparing our site for sponsor and regulatory inspections. The CTI CRC has been audited 3 times by the FDA and has never had a 483 issued.