Clinical Trial Planning & Design

    We offer an integrated approach to clinical trial planning and design that includes expertise from our diverse team.

    Feasibility Surveys

    CTI conducts customized global feasibility surveys as part of trial design and planning to assess items such as timelines, cost, and enrollment projections by region or country. We have a large internal database of international investigators and sites, in addition to a well-connected global Medical Affairs team and experienced project managers to ensure data is collected accurately and quickly.

    Additionally, we search through global public directories, regulatory records, and reach out to thought leaders to ensure comprehensive data collection. Our group of research scientists will quickly analyze the data and present it in a meaningful way.

    Protocol Development

    CTI offers comprehensive protocol development services utilizing our global team members' substantial knowledge and experience in industry, academic, and medical settings.

    Our therapeutic expertise in our areas of focus, investigator relationships, knowledge of patient populations, and standards of care not only differentiates us but also results in an executable trial with minimal protocol amendments. Additionally, our regulatory expertise and understanding of acceptable endpoints increase the probability that our protocols will be accepted by global regulatory agencies.

    Our protocol development team collaborates directly with our sponsors to facilitate the design and subsequent implementation of clinical trial protocols.

    Advisory Boards

    CTI has a proven track record in managing complicated and multidisciplinary advisory boards. These experiences have led to relationships with thought leaders and productive communication to guide product development.

    CTI leverages existing global relationships to assist our sponsors in gaining immediate access to key opinion leaders (KOLs). Once experts have been identified and briefed on the sponsor’s needs, the CTI meeting planning team will identify possible venues to hold scientific advisory board meetings and efficiently manage all meeting activities.