About CTI Northern Kentucky University Certificate in Clinical Research

Northern Kentucky University Certificate in Clinical Research

CTI is proud to partner with Northern Kentucky University (NKU) in offering a certificate in clinical research.

The decision to pursue this partnership came from a combination of three major factors –the need for new talent in the clinical research industry, the desire for additional formal training opportunities expressed by current employees, and CTI’s commitment to working with and supporting the local community.

Students entering into the NKU Clinical Research Certificate program will learn about clinical study management and associated components such as biopharmaceutical development, regulatory requirements, components of start-up of clinical studies, regulatory documentation, safety reporting, data and statistical consideration, management of clinical supplies, and monitoring of clinical studies.

This program is ideal for those with a budding interest in the clinical research industry or those relatively new in their career who are looking for additional formal training. Professionals with backgrounds in finance/accounting, information technology, project management, and business have all found the program to be helpful in enriching their careers. The program is taught by professors with a combination of backgrounds, including several members of the CTI team, to give students a strong foundation of both practical and theoretical knowledge.

To learn more about the program and how to apply, visit https://nku.edu/academics/chhs/programs/certificates/clinicalresearch.html